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Offre de post-doc.
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Organic materials with high laser gain is the last missing piece of the puzzle not yet explored to demonstrate the first organic laser diode.
In this project, we propose a novel approach to increase the gain of organic materials available. It consists of designing and synthesizing functionalized metallic nanoparticles core-shell with organic dye (Rh6G, DCM2, DCJTB ...) and to introduce them into an OLED hetero-structure. Nanoparticles exhibit localized surface plasmon resonances that increase the Förster-type energy transfer and enhance the photoluminescence and electroluminescence of OLED structures. In addition to this interesting aspect, it was demonstrated that plasmonic effects may in some cases increase the charge generation in OLEDs. These new structures should present enhanced electroluminescent properties with an intrinsic resonance narrower than of organic compound alone. It is also expected to have far better electrical performance than conventional OLED structures.
This position is supported by Laboratoire d’excellence (Labex) SEAM recently created between the two universities Paris 13 and Paris 7.

Five groups are involved in this project: PON (LPL, UP13), PEMA and NINO (LSPM, UP13), TMS and PMSES (ITODYS, UP7).
The fellow position corresponds to physical as well as physicochemical profile. Particularly, knowledge on Surface Plasmon Enhanced Electroluminescence is appreciated as well as expertise in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) field.

Prof. Azzedine Boudrioua

Post-doc position – 1 year
At Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Université Paris 13
Labex SEAM

Etude de l'exaltation de l'électroluminescence des OLED par plasmon de surface

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