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Metrology, Molecules and Fundamental Tests (MMT)

The group Metrology, Molecules and Fundamental Tests is performing ultra-high resolution molecular spectroscopy in the near and middle infrared and optical frequency metrology. The main experimental projects are the following:


Compact frequency comb

Frédéric Du-Burck, Vincent Roncin, Amine Chaouche Ramdane (PhD)


The aim of this research project, recently initiated, is to explore applications of semiconductor self-pulsating lasers in the field of frequency metrology for metrological applications needing compact systems. Those sources spontaneously emit a frequency comb thanks to a passive mode locking due to an efficient four-wave mixing mechanism induced by carrier density modulation. We have developed a setup for frequency stability characterization based on two transfer cavities (a confocal cavity and a ring fibered cavity) referenced to an ultra-stable optical signal from Syrte laboratory (Observatoire de Paris) send via an optical fiber. Thereby, we have external cavity laser diode (ECLD) tunable over 100 nm with a frequency stability of 200 Hz over more than 1000 seconds (10-12).


The studied self-pulsating source is a InGaAs based quantum dash mode-locked laser diode (QD-MLLD). Its optical spectrum extends over 10 nm around 1550 nm. Its repetition rate is about 10 GHz. We have shown that the frequency stability of a stabilized ECLD can be transferred to one mode of the QD-MLLD comb by optical injection assisted by optoelectronic stabilization: the mode linewidth is divided by a factor 1000 (from 50 MHz to 50 kHz) and the long-term stability is that of the master laser. Moreover, we recently showed that this stability is transferred to all the modes of the QD-MLLD laser comb.



Frédéric Du-BurckVincent Roncin



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