Thesis offers

A funded PhD position is available to work on the rubidium setup, on the superfluid dynamics of a quantum gas. We offer a related internship, see here. If you are interested by a PhD in our group, please contact us.

The "Bose-Einstein Condensates" group of LPL's "Quantum Gases" axis has recognized expertise in the field of quantum gases in reduced dimensions and quantum simulation. It is an active member of SIRTEQ, a consortium bringing together all the groups in the Paris region in the field of quantum technologies.

Contact : Hélène Perrin / Romain Dubessy


Le LPL est membre de SIRTEQ, un institut regroupant toutes les équipes travaillant sur les technologies quantiques autour de Paris. L'Institut organise des séminaires, workshops et écoles d'été tout au long de l'année.

Contact : Hélène Perrin