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Latest news

Mar. 2020 The Institute of Physics of CNRS published a communication about our PRL paper on a supersonic superfluid dynamical ring.

Jan. 2020 A good start for the New Year: Our paper on the superfluid dynamical ring rotating at supersonic speed is published in Phys. Rev. Lett. as an Editor's Suggestion and featured in Physics!    

Nov. 2019 Our paper on oscillation and decay of superfluid currents is published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Oct. 2019 We take part in an exhibition on quantum technologies in Cité des Sciences.

Oct. 2019 We offer a funded PhD position on the sodium experiment. Contact us! [Jan. 2020: This position is now filled.]

Sep. 2019 We welcome a new PhD student, David Rey, on the rubidium project. Welcome David!

Jul. 2019 Check our results on fast rotating superfluids forming a dynamical ring.

Oct. 2018 Atom chip mount is ready for the sodium experiment.

Oct. 2018 New internship offers, see here.

Sep. 2018 Check our last study on the best time profile to transport atoms with magnetic coils.

Aug. 2018 Avinash Kumar has moved to the Femto-ST laboratory, we wish him good success in his new job!

Apr. 2018 Our paper on phase imprinting selected in the kaleidoscope of PRA.

Dec. 2017 Our group in the press and in a museum! See the French journal Sciences et Avenir #850 "L'Avenir est quantique" on quantum simulation and the exhibition "Froid" on the cold at the Cité des Sciences in Paris.

Nov. 2017 A new internship offer is available on the sodium atom chip project.

Oct. 2017 We welcome two new PhD students: Yanliang Guo on the rubidium ring project and Joe Seaward on the sodium atom chip project.

May 2017 We are very sad to announce that Frank Hekking, member of the Grenoble node, passed away on May 15, 2017. A page gathering contributions from many colleagues and friends can be found on the LPMMC website.

Nov. 2016 Camilla defended her PhD on November 24th. Congratulations!

Oct. 2016 A funded PhD position is available in the Sodium Team. Contact us before December 5th, see here. [This position has now been filled.]

Oct. 2016 We welcome Avinash Kumar, who started as a post-doc in the Rubidium Team.

Sep. 2016 A new paper on the sodium Zeeman slower with permanent magnets is available on arXiv.

Aug. 2016 Our review paper in collaboration with Barry Garraway on traps for rf-dressed atoms has appeared in JPB. See here.

May 2016 Our paper on the scissors mode in two dimensions has appeared in NJP. See here.

May 2016 Dany defended his PhD on May 3rd. Congratulations!

Apr. 2016 A post-doc position is open to work on our SuperRing project. [This position has now been filled.]

Jan. 2016 Vincent Lorent, the former group leader, has now moved to biophysics within the BMS group at LPL and in collaboration with Ninke Dekker at TU Delft. We thank him for all his work at the head of the group and wish him success in his new research area!

Jan. 2016 A new paper on 3D solitons has appeared in collaboration with Maxim Olshanii.

Sep. 2015 We welcome a new PhD student, Mathieu de Goër de Herve, working on the rubidium setup.

Aug. 2015 Rudy has been appointed for a post-doc position at the Open University in Milton Keynes.

Jul. 2015 Our project SuperRing, in collaboration with Anna Minguzzi, has been selected by the ANR committee.

Feb. 2015 First magneto-optical trap in the sodium setup!

Feb. 2015 The NJP paper on the collective modes evidenced by PCA has been selected as a NJP highlight for 2014.

Dec. 2014 Our paper on PCA applied to unveil the collective excitations of an ultracold gas has appeared on New Journal of Physics. Enjoy the video abstract! It has been highlighted by CNRS and the CNRS Institute of Physics.

Dec. 2014 Prize ceremony in Paris: Karina Merloti has received the nanoK/IFRAF thesis prize. Karina, we're proud of you!

Oct. 2014 Karina Merloti has been awarded the nanoK/IFRAF thesis prize. Congratulations Karina!



The Bose-Einstein Condensation of dilute atomic gases is the subject of intense studies since its first demonstration in 1995. Our group is expert in manipulating atoms in radiofrequency dressed potentials. Our current experimental studies in this field focus on testing the superfluidity of degenerate Bose gases in a toroidal trap. We are also interested in the physics of ultracold gases in lower dimensions (1D, 2D).

We have currently two experimental projects: rubidium atoms in a ring potential and sodium on an atom chip.

Join us!

The BEC group is a member of IFRAF and SIRTEQ.