The Sodium Chip project at Paris Nord


The aim of this new experiment is to produce a sodium BEC on a chip. Radio-frequency and microwave fields will be included on the chip to manipulate the degenerate gas and control its interaction properties and dimensionality.

We have a long standing collaboration with the Vienna group, including for chip fabrication.


Latest news

Oct. 2019 A funded PhD position is available in the Sodium Team, see here. [This position is now filled.]

Oct. 2018 Chip mount is ready.

Sep. 2018 Check our new paper on optimized magnetic transport of cold atoms.

Oct. 2017 We welcome Joe Seaward, who starts as a PhD student on the sodium project.

Mar. 2017 Yanliang Guo joined for an internship on magnetic transport. Welcome!

Feb. 2016 The Zeeman slower paper has appeared in J. Phys B.

Oct. 2016 A funded PhD position is available in the Sodium Team. Contact us before December 5th, see here. [Now filled]

Sep. 2016 Our detailed study of the permanent magnet Zeeman slower with efficient optical pumping is on arXiv.

May 2016 Dany defended his PhD, congratulations!

Feb. 2015 First magneto-optical trap in the sodium setup!

Apr. 2014 Romain, Dany and Aurélien discussing the optical bench (photo J.-F. Dars).

Jun. 2013 The new experimental room is ready at last!

Sep. 2012 Dany has started his PhD on the Sodium project.

Jan. 2012 The works have started in the new experimental room!

Building works have started in the lab!
Here, the preparation of the room for asbestos removal...

Oct. 2011 Aurélien was awarded the ANR 'Retour Post-Doc' grant.


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The sodium team is a member of IFRAF.