Director of LPL
Vice President of the Scientific Council (UP13)

Short CV:

- General:
CNRS Research Director ; born in 1961 (Antony, France), married life, one daughter
- Education:
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (80-84), " agrégation " in Physical Sciences (83)
Université Paris 11 Orsay, M.S. in Physics (82)
Université Paris 6 (UPMC) and Laser Physics Laboratory (LPL), Ph.D. in Physics (86)
Université Paris 13, 'Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches' in Physics (95)
- Carrier History:
CNRS Research Associate (88-00)
CNRS Research Director (00-)
Head of the AMIBES research team at LPL (96-08)
Director of the Laser Physics Laboratory (LPL) since 2005
Vice-chair of Université Paris 13, in charge with research and doctoral studies, since 2008
- Awards, honors, services:
'Aimée Cotton' price (97) of the French Physical Society (SFP)
Initiator of a biennal international conference series on molecules of biological interest in the gas phase and organizer of the first one (Les Houches, 2000)
Reviewer for scientific journals in Physics, Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry and for national (ANR) and international research agencies
- Research Activities:
- Publications: ~80 (period: 1986-2011; h-index=28)
- Invites speaker to international conferences: ~20 (period: 1994-2011)
- Currents topics:
Physics/Chemistry/Molecular Biology interface : Studies on biomolecular interactions responsible for biospecificity

- selected recent publications:
Combining ion mobility mass spectrometry and infrared multiphoton dissociation spectroscopy to probe the structure of gas-phase vancomycin-Ac2LKDADA non-covalent complex.  
J.C. Poully, F. Lecomte, N. Nieuwjaer, B. Manil, J.P. Schermann, C. Desfrançois, G. Grégoire, R. Ballivian, F. Chirot, J. Lemoine, F. Calvo, R. Antoine, P. Dugourd.
Int. J. Mass Spec. 297, 28 (2010).
Infrared signature of DNA G-Quadruplexes in the gas phase.  
V. Gabelica, F. Rosu, E. de Pauw, J. Lemaire, J.C. Gillet, J.C. Poully, F. Lecomte, G. Grégoire, J.P. Schermann, C. Desfrançois.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. (Comm.) 130(6), 1810 (2008). 
Experimental observation of the transition between gas-phase and aqueous solution structures for acetylcholine, nicotine and muscarine ions. 
M. Seydou, G. Grégoire, F. Lecomte, J. Liquier, J.P. Schermann, C. Desfrançois.
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 130(12), 4187 (2008).
Comparison of the fragmentation pattern induced by collisions, laser excitation and electron capture. Influence of the initial excitation.  
R. Antoine, M. Broyer, J. Chamot-Rooke, C. Dedonder, C. Desfrançois, P. Dugourd, G. Grégoire, C. Jouvet, D. Onidas, P. Poulain, T. Tabarin, G. van der Rest.
Rapid Comm. Mass Spectrometry 20, 1648 (2006).
Ultrafast excited state dynamics in protonated GWG and GYG tripeptides.
G. Grégoire, C. Dedonder-Lardeux, C. Jouvet, C. Desfrançois and J. A. Fayeton.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys 9, 78 (2007).
Resonant Infrared MultiPhoton Dissociation Spectroscopy of gas-phase protonated peptides. Experiments and Car-Parrinello Dynamics at 300 K. 
G. Grégoire, M.P. Gaigeot,D.C. Marinica, J. Lemaire, J.P. Schermann, C. Desfrançois.
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys 9, 3082 (2007).