WORKSHOP on Long Range Interactions in Quantum Systems
23-26 September 2014, INSTITUT d'OPTIQUE, Palaiseau, FRANCE
Long range interactions in quantum systems:

Following a successful meeting on "Long-range interactions in the ultra cold" held in Stuttgart in 2013, we are organizing a follow up meeting on the same topics in 2014. The workshop will be an opportunity to discuss recent advances on the physics of Rydberg atoms, magnetic atoms, and dipolar molecules. In addition, this year we plan to focus also on emerging ideas and experiments, regarding effective spin-spin interactions in ions, light-induced dipoles, as well as dipolar interactions between artificial atoms. Given how fast our field is expanding in various directions, we feel that it is important that experts in the field meet and exchange ideas.

The meeting will take place at the Institut d'Optique, Palaiseau (France) from the 24th to the 26th of september 2014. Palaiseau is located 15 km south of Paris and is easily reachable from Paris center. We are aiming for a medium size workshop of about 50 participants.




- Ultracold molecules
- Rydberg atoms
- Dipolar quantum gases
- Light-induced dipoles in atomic gases
- Trapped ions
- Dipolar interactions between artificial atoms


A prelimilary program can be downloaded here. The final progam will be posted a month before the beginning of the meeting.


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