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Thursday, December 18th, 2014 at 11:00
Room: D102 - Institut Galilée
Richard J. Hendricks
Imperial College London
The Centre for Cold Matter
The Blackett Laboratory
Prince Consort Rd
 Londres - Royaume-Uni

Ultracold molecules have a wide range of exciting applications in fundamental physics, physical chemistry, material science and nanotechnology. If we can trap dense samples of them and control their internal and external degrees of freedom well enough we will be able to harness their long-range interactions for quantum optics experiments and quantum simulation, and make extremely precise measurements of fundamental physics effects.

We have developed a range of techniques at Imperial College London to produce, cool and trap molecules. I will discuss recent experiments to laser cool CaF and BH molecules in an effort to produce a molecular MOT. I will also describe a recently constructed microwave trap that we hope will enable us to sympathetically cool molecules using co-trapped lithium atoms.

Techniques for producing trapped ultracold molecules

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