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Laser Physics Laboratory is affiliated both to CNRS and to University Paris 13. We study the interactions between light and matter.

Our experiments range from the most fundamental aspects of basic science to applied research: quantum physics, atomic and molecular physics, optical devices, biomedical imaging...

The lab is structured into eight experimental research teams, four shops and an administrative department. It is composed of about seventy-five people (10 CNRS full-time researchers, 30 university teaching staff members, a technical staff of 15 people, about 20 PhD students and post-docs), plus several short-term trainees and foreign visitors.

Olivier Gorceix,
Director of laboratory

The International Year of Light 2015

SIMFP 2015Fontaine lasersThis year is The International Year of Light 2015 (celebrated under the auspices of UNESCO).

In this context, the association “Atouts sciences” is invited to present to a broad audience at Gizan (Saudi Arabia) an educational experiment dedicated to popularization of science developed in LPL: “The Laser Fountain”. The experiment is presented at The Fourth Saudi International Meeting on Frontiers of Physics 2015 (SIMFP2015), organized by the Department of Physics at Jazan University, Saudi Arabia, during 17-19 February 2015.


Changer de couleur en une seconde !At LPL, throughout the year we conduct many events dedicated to the popularization of science, in particular in the frame of the association Atouts Sciences. An experiment  (using an optical bench of the Giant Laser Fountain) has been developed at LPL for the TV show "On n’est pas que des Cobayes" broadcast during prime-time on France 5, Friday January the 30th.

Changer de couleur en une seconde !

TV show video: here.

Find out about our other experiments (lasers, color mixing,…) at the Atouts Sciences website.

Changer de couleur en une seconde !


A member of LPL appointed as Managing Director at Sorbonne University

Charles Desfrançois has been appointed as Research Managing Director of University Sorbonne Paris Cité.

The vibration modes of a quantum gas revealed by statistical analysis of images

The scissors mode, corresponding to an oscillation of the atomic cloud around its long axis, is clearly visible on this component.Ultra cold gases present a very rich dynamics driven by quantum physics. The gas vibration modes depend on the atomic interactions and on the detail of the trapping potential. In order to observe these modes, successive images of the moving atomic cloud are taken, directly in the trap. Until now, the resulting pictures were analyzed by fitting the density profiles with a theoretical model. This only gives access to a limited number of parameters, such as the atom number or the cloud size. This approach prevents from getting all the information present in the images. Inspired by a statistical technique already used in biophysics or astronomy, Principal Component Analysis (PCA), the BEC group at LPL has succeeded in observing for the first time the real shape of all the vibration modes simultaneously excited in an ultra cold gas, as well as their frequencies.

See the video abstractThis work is published as a Fast Track Communication in New Journal of Physics. See also the video abstract.

Caption: The scissors mode, corresponding to an oscillation of the atomic cloud around its long axis, is clearly visible on this component.

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