Hélène Perrin

CNRS director

Room D112

helene [dot] perrin [at]
univ [dash] paris13 [dot] fr

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photo: J.-F. Dars


Mon CV en français (2021)
My last CV in English (2022)


The manuscript of my PhD thesis (in French, papers in English)
The manuscript of my habilitation thesis (in French, papers in English)
My last activity report (in French)

Translation: Advances in Atomic Physics, the book by Claude Cohen-Tannoudji and David Guéry-Odelin, translated into French: Avancées en physique atomique: Du pompage optique aux gaz quantiques, edited by Hermann


In English:
In French:

Physique pour tous / Physics for everyone:

  • (French / English) Douze femmes en recherche - Variations quantiques, contribution to the book edited by Michèle Leduc. See the text and photographs here and the full book here.
  • Conférence sur les lasers à Marseille et à Grenoble
  • Conférence sur la température